Kissing Wrinkles

Meet Stella!
For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted an English Bulldog. They just make me smile. My husband and I finally decided to take the plunge and we welcomed Stella into our home and hearts. I hope you enjoy following Stella on her adventures as much as we do!


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    This is how you get bulldog tan lines. (at Cape Henlopen State Park)

    Beach bunny (at Cape Henlopen State Park)

    Beautiful & cool day on the beach (at Cape Henlopen State Park)

    Getting the tummy wet (at Cape Henlopen State Park)

    Do not disturb


    Sharing an afternoon snack

    Peanuts for me?


    Trying to play with a new app but Stella wasn’t cooperating. #PartyParty

    Sniffin through the table doesn’t work very well.

    Stella wants to play Phase 10 but she’s not sure how to get in the game.

    I was literally taking these pics as the power came back on. Power out = sad face. Power on = WTF just happened?!

    Stella will be selling my tickets for me for our next derby bout. I told her for every ticket she sells she gets a cookie. You don’t want to keep this squishy face from her cookies, do you?

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